Exterior Painting

A great exterior painting project begins with proper preparation.

REO Group uses only the highest quality materials when it comes to preparing any home exterior, preventing cracks, air-leaks and open seams that can collect mold. We also use a high-quality primer to ensure your home is a hardened shell against unwanted exterior damage.

Just as our friendly and respectful professionals carefully take care of the interior of your home, we will do the same to the exterior, guaranteeing your yard and driveway will be the way it was when we arrived.

Exterior Preparation:

  • High pressure water blasting to clean away any dirt from exterior of property.
  • Trenching around house foundation.
  • Anti mildew treatment and dry rot repair if needed.
  • Scraping of all peeled and loose paint from exterior of house.
  • Power or hand sanding to smooth surface of house exterior.
  • Caulking hair cracks and stationary seams found on property or home exterior.
  • Fixing window glazing and putty where necessary.
  • Patching cracked, damaged or uneven areas of property exterior.
  • Priming new, raw and exposed wooden parts.
  • Repairing chemical reacted or damaged stucco wall of home or business.
  • Masking all windows, lighting and other areas.
  • Shielding or covering all landscape and hardscapes.
  • We offer a Free sample color demonstration or visit our Color Selector Page in our website to preview colors on your home exterior.
  • We Hand brush work on every corner for a beautiful exterior finish.